New Observer Column: Please. Wash. Your. Face.

cleansing wipes are bad for washing your faceI know I sound super-judgy when I write about this topic, but I don’t judge anyone who doesn’t realize just how bad cleansing wipes are for her skin. When you know better, you tend to do better. If you know better and still use them, well, you get the face you deserve. Please, read this and know I write it out of love: Don’t use cleansing wipes, but if you do, here’s how to minimize the damage you’re doing.

New Observer Column: How To Wash Your Face

double cleanse cleansing skincare routineI know I am severely neglecting this blog lately, but September has been full of travel, houseguests, and a lot of work. (Believe it or not, my actual career has nothing to do with beauty. And it takes a lot of time.) I have made time to write my column for the Observer, though. This week’s edition is all about the magic of the double cleanse. It might be old news to many of you, but I’ve been surprised how few people I know have any idea about double cleansing. My aim with the column is to simplify the steps to looking your best, including great skin, and the double cleanse is one of the keys to that. At right: My skincare routine on Wednesday night in Arizona, where a post-flight double cleanse made me very happy indeed.

TIME-SENSITIVE New Observer Column!

sephora saleGuys, I don’t use all-caps lightly, okay? But you need to check out my latest Observer column before midnight tonight. That’s when one of the most insanely beneficial beauty bonuses from Sephora expires. Do not miss out on this! (In addition to the products listed in my column, you can also use my recommended beauty products page as a cheat sheet for what to buy.)