Rachel Hunter, Gene Wilder, Beauty and Humility

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I took this photo of Kiwi model Rachel Hunter – one of the sweetest, most humble people in New York – on Wednesday. She’s coming up on her 47th birthday in a few days, which is so hard to believe whenever you’re with her. Rachel could absolutely pass for a woman in her 30s – and that’s with a lifetime of sunning under the Antipodean soleil under her belt. As I recently discovered, our respective attitudes toward tanning are indistinguishable.

Rachel has something that not many people, let alone celebrities, have: humility. She genuinely cares about other people. It would never occur to Rachel that the world might revolve around her. I’m sure this enhances her beauty; one cannot help but be drawn to her, and feel more affectionate as you realize she truly means all the nice things she says. Her interest is genuine. Imagine that!

gene wilderWith her permission, I am sharing something my friend, the writer Haven Kimmel, shared about her experience in the presence of another humble soul: Gene Wilder. I thought of so many people when I read this, including Rachel Hunter.

[H]e was so sweet I spent the entire time I was talking to him with tears in my eyes. I thought I was going to burst into sobs, like a lunatic. He was otherworldly kind. His eyes were a very bright, pale blue, and he made intense eye contact with the person he was engaged with, ignoring everything and everyone else. There was something awfully innocent about him, saintly, maybe, as if he needed to be protected. He couldn’t be protected, alas, but he was lovely while he lasted.

Let’s be lovely while we last, shall we?

Kim Zolciak-Biermann: Should You Buy Into Ultherapy’s Latest Celebrity Endorsement?

kim zolciak ultherapyBefore you ask: Yes, I’m ashamed to know who she is, and embarrassed to admit I read Reality Tea. But I’ve had several friends tell me they want Ultherapy, and ask what I think of it. So here’s an opinion worth what you’re paying for it.

My friend Becca got Ultherapy. The results were, in her view, not necessarily worth the investment. (Read that post if only for her detailed breakdown about why most before/after photography should not be believed.) Another friend who’s a savvy cosmetic procedure customer had Ultherapy and wishes she hadn’t, calling it the biggest waste of money ever.

Would you guess, looking at her photo, that Kim Zolciak-Biermann is only 38? Nothing wrong with looking older than your age, but if you do so after tens of thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic procedures, perhaps you are not to be emulated.

As ever, expectation management is paramount. Kim thinks Ultherapy made her look “refreshed.” I don’t know about you, but I can get that from a massage, a nap, and good eye makeup. I’d be more inclined to put that $4,000 investment toward an actual face lift when the time comes. Your mileage may vary, but don’t throw away thousands because some celebrity did – or, more likely, got Ultherapy free in exchange for her praise. Looking your age isn’t the worst thing. But paying a lot of money to look your age – or older – just might be.

(Looking for the best plastic surgeon in NYC? Run, do not walk, to Dr. David Shafer. He’s not only a fantastic surgeon, but he’s also the doctor who gives me medical-grade skin peels and is – no exaggeration – the nicest person I have ever met in my life. He did not pay me to say this, and has not compensated me in any way to send people his way. But you deserve the best, and Dr. Shafer is IT. Tell him I sent you.)