Burned Out Beauty: Facebook Edition

beauty blog makeup skincare reviewsSince everybody seems to live on Facebook, and since I didn’t want to bore my friends who aren’t beauty fiends, there’s now a Burned Out Beauty Facebook page. I’m going to be doing some FB-only product giveaways there, and am aiming to do some Facebook Live interviews with industry luminaries. I also tend to post stuff on the Facebook page that doesn’t make it to the blog, including real-time bargain alerts (that’s me, huddled in the corner of the store, typing away furiously on my phone!). So please do follow along there by liking the page if you want in on the fun and freebies!

A Guide To My Recommended Products

I wanted to give a little more clarification and explanation to the Recommended Products page – why it exists, how to use it, and how I’ll be blogging it.

Friends ask me for recommendations all the time. “What’s a good cleanser?” they ask. “What serum should I use?” I need to know more about their skin type (e.g. oily, dry, combination), skin condition (e.g. dehydrated, acne, etc.), and budget before I can answer. But I keep recommending the same products over and over, and wanted to group them all on one page. Hence Recommended Products.


kandi buress is on a budget
Even self-made millionaires watch the purse strings

First, a word about budget. If you have very little money to spend, you’d be best investing in a good serum. Cheap ones are few and far between, and a serum will have a ton of impact on your skin. You can make do with cheaper cleansers, moisturizers, etc. When you peruse the products I recommend, you’ll see that the lower-priced ones come mostly from a few specific ranges: First Aid Beauty, Indeed Labs, The Body Shop, and Simple are all fabulous (though I wouldn’t recommend every product they make – stay away from foaming cleansers and wipes!). If I had to advise you to shop from only one of those brands, I’d say go with First Aid Beauty every time.

I’d also highly recommend shelling out a co-pay to go to the doctor and get a prescription vitamin A (‘retinol’ or ‘retinoid’) product. My general practitioner wrote my prescription, and I asked for it when I was in the office for another medical matter. (Write this down on your to-do list for your next GP visit!) You can spend a ton of money on OTC vitamin A products that do very little for your skin, so it’s a false economy not to shell out for the prescription. Depending on your health insurance, you could pay next to nothing – mine was $10. (If you live in the UK or another country with socialized healthcare, well, Caroline Hirons has guidance for you: Suck it up and shell out.)

favorite beauty products blog jackie danickiYou can pick and choose from the budget and high-end lists, but most of my own favorite products are from the expensive list. Sorry. (An exception is the super-cheap Earth Science Herbal Tonic Mist, my very favorite spritz – incredibly refreshing smell. And the First Aid Beauty products also rank pretty highly for me compared to expensive ones.) This is why I recommend using the page as a reference when you get a gift card or are asked what you want for your birthday or a holiday. Still, the cheaper options are the best I know for when money is an issue – and who has unlimited funds?

Finally, note that most of the links on the page are Amazon Associate links and I can’t vouch for every individual seller on Amazon. You can also copy and paste the product names into your browser and search for them on other sites if you feel like hunting. I recommend joining Sephora‘s VIB and/or SpaceNK‘s NDulge if you tend to shop high-end. And don’t forget to use my Sephora sample shopping hacks to maximize the number of products you can try.

I’m going to start blogging about each product on that list, and eventually will have links to my individual product reviews for each one. I’ll also be updating the page as I discover new, fabulous things. Feel free to recommend some to me anytime!