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Me, July 2016, after a great cut, balayage, and style from Jackie at Shampoo JC. No makeup except lip balm, though this photo has an obvious filter and my brows are messed up.

Short version: 

Jackie Danicki, veteran beauty blogger and creator of one of the world’s first – and most popular – beauty blogs. Never accepted any ads – ever. Took a six-year break after burning out on beauty blogging. Now back to give you ad-free recommendations and reviews, live from New York.




jackie danicki no makeup beauty blog
Me, summer 2016, extremely pink and sweaty after a bike ride in NYC – no filter and no makeup except lip balm






Long version: 

Back in 2004, I started one of the world’s first beauty blogs, Jack & Hill. My friend Hillary Johnson and I never accepted advertising of any kind – we already had careers (Hillary as an author, publisher, editor, and the LA Times‘ “beauty intellectual”; me in tech start-ups in London and Silicon Valley). We just loved beauty, loved products, and loved blogging about it all. The industry took note: We got rave reviews from VogueThe New York TimesAllureWomen’s Wear Daily, and more. For several years, if you searched “beauty blog,” Jack & Hill was the first result.

Then the rest of the world discovered blogging and decided to try to earn a living doing it. We got seriously burnt out on beauty blogging. And I started working as an executive at one of the world’s largest PR firms, making it too messy to blog about our clients’ competitors. Without much fanfare, Jack & Hill ceased publication.

Fast-forward to 2014: I turned 37, and decided to get more serious about skincare. I got deep into research about various products and treatments, discovering Caroline Hirons and adopting her routines. I went a bit nuts, earning more Sephora and SpaceNK points than I care to admit. I tried a lot of products, and realized anew that it’s all too easy to spend a ton of money without a lot of bang for buck. Friends started asking me for skincare advice, and would report great results with the routines and products I recommended. Many asked me to resume beauty blogging. Now, at age 39, I’ve left that giant PR firm to work for myself and am free to blog.

I only want to feature products that are worth the money – and warn you off those that aren’t. I want to show you how to make the most of a limited budget. In a world full of beauty blogger recommendations that have been bought and paid for by brands, I’m here to share only those products I truly vouch for: No ads, ever.

Let’s do this.