Cetaphil vs. Yes To Carrots Cleansers

friends don't let friends use cetaphil

I’m an unabashed Caroline Hirons devotée: Her straightforward reviews and brilliant routines (see cheat sheet here) have made a huge difference in my skin. She’s also quite funny and open, which I always admire in a person. Please follow her if you do not already.

I was thrilled to see Caroline has finally posted reviews of two Cetaphil products, the cleanser and moisturizer. If you can’t be bothered to click through and read, let me tell you the bottom line: Don’t use these, there are many products out there in the same price range that are much better and won’t harm your skin as these can. If you think, “Well, I use Cetaphil and my skin’s fine,” think of the long term and how your face might suffer.

yes to carrots yes to tomatoes yes to cucumbers cleansersI was pleased to see Caroline recommend Yes To Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser – as discussed previously on this blog – as an alternative to Cetaphil cleanser. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much I have gifted it to three friends. (Alekza, Devorah, and Robin – let me know how you get on with this!) Cleansers can be a bit joyless when they’re basic, but this one is a real pleasure to use. Get it on Amazon for less than $6 and free Prime shipping.

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