EmerginC Pomegranate Cleanser

At last count, I own more than 50 cleansers. Some of those are stored for the summer as they are more suitable for winter skin, but there’s a selection of around 25 cleansers I like to have within arm’s reach at all times. I’ve only got one face, but I REALLY love washing it. This video of Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons going through Caroline’s cleanser stash is one of the most pulse-quickening things I have ever seen on the internet:

I know this sounds insane, but allow me to rationalize: You never know how your skin is going to behave on any given day. You need a cleanser appropriate for its condition right now – dehydrated, greasy, congested, whatever. Having only one cleanser is, as The Hirons says, like having only one pair of shoes. Sure, you could probably get by. But why do that to yourself?

That said, cleansers are where I suggest you economize if money is a real issue. Tread carefully, avoiding anything with sodium laureth sulfate and other harsh surfactants, which will just strip your skin and make it a breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re one of those sickos who loves your skin to feel squeaky clean, I can only suggest you admit yourself to inpatient psychiatric treatment.


Know this: Foaming cleansers are the most socially acceptable form of self-mutilation, and they are to be avoided at all costs.

emerginc pomegranate cleanser emergencyIf you’re a foam addict and want to rehabilitate yourself, I would suggest trying EmerginC Pomegranate Cleanser. I was sent this by the brand’s PR team, and find myself reaching for it most mornings lately. It’s a mild, refreshing cleanser suitable for all skin types, very appropriate for summer mornings, and about one step removed from being a foaming gel. There’s no major lather, forbidden suds, or verboten ingredients. (Do not, as the brand suggests, apply this to wet skin. Always put cleanser straight onto dry skin.) I also really love the dispenser, which is the best I’ve ever seen on a beauty product.

Yes, it’s $39, which is more than one need spend on a cleanser. But it’s a giant bottle, more than eight ounces, and should last you the better part of a year. And if you don’t think your face is worth 11 cents a day, you’re on the wrong blog, sister. Get it here.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post or an ad. I was not compensated to write this positive review. I like and use this product on my own face.

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