Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser: My Secret Weapon

eve lom morning time cleanser beauty blogI’m not a fan of the iconic Eve Lom original cleanser, mostly because I resent being asked to pay heaps of money for a product pumped full of yucky mineral oil. But I respect Eve hugely for how she revolutionized the industry’s approach to cleansing, and I absolutely love many of her other formulations. Primary among them is the Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser, which I always have in both full-sized and travel-sized versions.

As a cleanser, this is as blissful as it gets: a creamy balm that melts into skin and rinses away easily with a hot, damp washcloth. Your skin will look instantly vibrant and glowing, and be left soft and residue-free, yet not tight or dry. While this is called Morning Time Cleanser, and is indeed an exceedingly pleasant way to wake up, I also frequently use it as a second cleanse after removing makeup with an oil or other makeup remover. So I can confirm that it ends the day quite nicely as well.

tel aviv beach
If you burn at the beach, you’re gonna need this balm

But where this product really justifies its price tag is in the double-duty it pulls as a calming balm. I was on holiday in Israel last year when I made the horrific, amateurish error of sunbathing in Tel Aviv after using alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C serum, and retinol on my skin the night before. The skin on my neck became painfully inflamed, red, and unevenly textured. I freaked out. Out of desperation, I applied a thin layer of Morning Time Cleanser to the affected area. Within minutes, the skin wasn’t on fire, the red had died down, and I woke up in the morning with a smooth neck. Since then, this has been my go-to skin soother whenever I go a bit heavy with the retinols or have any other irritation. (Pommade Divine, which is supposed to calm and heal upset skin, always makes it worse.)

So now I always travel with a mini Morning Time Cleanser, and frequently start and end my day with a face full of it. A tiny bit goes a very long way, so I have yet to finish my full-sized tube even after a year of ownership. This is an investment well worth making, and is suitable for all skin types. Get it here with free shipping.

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