Yes To: These Cleansers

yes to carrots yes to tomatoes yes to cucumbers cleansersI’m going to have to stop writing about cleansers so much, but clearly I’m obsessed. And there have been such great ones on sale this week! Case in point: these three from the Yes To range. I got them for $5.49 each in my local Walgreen’s, and was excited to test them out this weekend. They did not disappoint.

I’d file these all under ‘cheap and cheerful’: basic, enjoyable products that do the job and are pleasant to use. The Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser for sensitive skin is a near-dupe for my beloved Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, with a lovely cucumber scent. I’m wary of gel cleansers, as they can be drying, but this one was fine. Ditto the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser, which lacks the 1% salicylic acid of the Yes To Tomatoes Acne Control Cleanser, and thus is less potentially drying. (I sometimes use the latter as a pre-shower, five minute mask, because just rinsing the salicylic acid straight down the drain means it won’t be able to heal any blemishes.)

My favorite was the Yes To Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser. What a lush, emollient way to start or end the day! It’s mild, fragrance-free, melts into skin quite easily and rinses without much effort. Even Cosmetic Cop Paula Begoun loves it!

yes to cucumbers towelettes wipesWalgreens also has the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes on sale for $1.29 for 10 (or get 45 for $4.79). I am very anti-wipe in general, unless you’re on an airplane, camping, or otherwise have no access to running water. But I wanted something for before and after my tanning sessions, to wipe off makeup and then remove tanning lotion afterward. After using the wipe, I go over my skin with a hot, damp washcloth to remove residue. I have to say, these make my skin feel a bit uncomfortably tingly, but that might be an interaction with my serums or retinols. Either way, they’re fine as a stop-gap, but definitely don’t use them as an alternative to proper cleansing in the morning or at night.

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