AmLactin: Am Loving It

body lotion beauty blogThis blog has existed for less than a week and I’ve already talked about my hatred of applying body lotion twice. Some of you have told me you feel the same way. So let’s go over this again.

It’s just SUCH a drag. So much so that The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Beautifying Oil discussed previously has become my primary moisturizer for my legs and arms. It absorbs instantly.

But, having talked to friends about it, I’m not alone in realizing the skin on our bodies often doesn’t have the same texture all over. I’ve never suffered from keratosis pilaris, the very commonplace affliction that makes the dermis (usually on the upper arms) look and feel like chicken skin. Many of my friends have and do. Whether it’s the bottoms of our feet, elbows, knees, or elsewhere, skin needs more than merely washing and moisturizing can provide. Knowing the benefits of using daily chemical exfoliation on the skin on my face, I really wanted to do it for the rest of my body.

sunday riley disrobe discontinuedSo I experimented last year with Disrobe, a $65 (I KNOW) body lotion by Sunday Riley, maker of my beloved Good Genes serum. Drawn in by the promise of lactic acid exfoliation and yeast extract to promote fresh new skin growth, I bought a bottle of Disrobe with my SpaceNK NDulge points. Ultimately, I was let down not just by the results, but by the smell, which I can only describe as the faint whiff of souring milk into which a packet of brewer’s yeast has been dissolved. That is to say, not great. (Disrobe has now been discontinued.)

But then I was in Target and spotted AmLactin, an alpha-hydroxy moisturizing body lotion. With a whopping 12% lactic acid, pH-balanced for skin, I had to try it. Bonus: It’s cheap as chips. I now buy the two-packs on Amazon for next to nothing, and I actually use them up. This is due both to AmLactin’s efficacy and the fact that it comes in a pump. (I have a gigantic Muji bin full of high-end lotions in squeeze bottles, mostly untouched. I have had some of them, like my Prada body cream, for nearly 10 years. They have moved countries and continents with me, many times over. Will I ever throw them away? Nope.)

amlactinThe only “bad” thing about AmLactin is actually a feature for me: It’s totally unscented. While I’m usually drawn in by smell, this one lets me take care of my skin and leave the fragrance to my perfume. Since I cycle through one of 150 or so scents on a daily basis, I like not having to worry about a clash between lotion and eau de parfum. And compared to Disrobe, the lack of olfactory stimulation is a total godsend. Lots of people have skin reactions to fragrance, so this is a super-safe way to treat your skin for next to no money, without endangering it.

I have yet to try all the products in the AmLactin range, but am going to get right on that. In the meantime, you can buy the body lotion on Amazon or at Target and other pharmacies.

(Note: This is NOT a sponsored post or an ad. None of that here, just my own personal opinion on products I paid for with my own money.)

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