Beauty Sale Alert: Walgreens/Duane Reade August Bargains

Duane Reade Walgreens beauty haul
Today’s sale haul from Walgreens/DR

I’m so glad to have this blog to justify trips to the drugstore to check out the sales! My stash is overrun with luxury products, and I really want to find more budget treasures – for myself and my friends. It’s a sacrifice to do all this shopping, but I’m just selfless like that.

My local Duane Reade (owned by Walgreens, and has the same sales) was full of beauty steals today. My real hair splurge is on conditioners and styling products, and I save on shampoo as much as possible. They have Organix (OGX) on sale for buy one, get one half-price. I also get to try this Batiste dry shampoo for blondes for a big discount; it’s only $5.99 for a huge bottle right now. And I was thrilled to get Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil for buy one, get one half-off. This is a great makeup remover, no nasty mineral oil to be found! (Neutrogena is also on sale; alas, their cleansing oil lists mineral oil as the first ingredient. Oh well.)

Check out their current beauty sales, many of which are only in effect for another week or less. (Use the menu on the left side of the page to drill down into specific beauty categories.) Happy shopping – and let me know if you buy anything!

(Note: This is not an ad or a sponsored post. Too bad I have to clarify that, but you know how the blogging world is these days…)

4 thoughts on “Beauty Sale Alert: Walgreens/Duane Reade August Bargains

  1. I legitimately love the Simple oil cleanser. It is the only one light enough for me to do the oil thing. Hoping I can get the same deal and stock up a bit at Walgreen’s!

  2. Just bought the bargainous simple oil cleanser from Walgreens, (yay!) and noticed the label says to avoid getting it in your eyes. Can I use it to remove eye makeup, or do I need a separate eye makeup remover?Thanks!

    1. You can – and should – use your cleansing oil to remove eye makeup. Just don’t get it in your eyeball! And make sure you are applying the oil to dry hands and then your dry face – don’t wet/dampen your skin before you start massaging in the oil. You can emulsify the oil with a bit of water after a bit, if you want to, but I usually just do a couple of goes with a hot, damp washcloth to get it off.

      So glad to spread the savings!

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